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Who we are

Reconnections is a new programme aimed at tackling loneliness amongst older people living in Worcestershire. The Reconnections team is a partnership of local organisations, led by Age UK Herefordshire & Worcestershire, who have experience and understanding of the issues people face in later life.


What We Do and How it Works

Reconnections will provide tailored, one to one support for lonely older people which will enable them to identify, talk about and overcome their feelings of loneliness by reconnecting them with interests and activities in their local community.


Following a detailed conversation, Reconnections will support the individual to design a plan which is personalised to their needs and wishes around reducing their feelings of loneliness. A locally based volunteer will then partner with the individual and help them to achieve their plan through confidence building and maintaining their connections with activities and interests in the lo



Why We Do it

  • There are 15,000 older people in Worcestershire who are potentially lonely
  • 9% of people over the age of 65 feel cut off from society
  • 50% of all older people consider the Television as their main form of company
  • 5% of people over the age of 65 spent Christmas Day alone
  • Feeling lonely is as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day
  • 17% of older people have less than weekly contact with their family, friends and neighbours

By connecting people to those around them, they can stay happier and healthier for longer.

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