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What is Total Yoga?

Total Yoga gives participants a mixture of both the physical and meditative aspects of Yoga postures, further Total Yoga blends the two aspects together, that is by meditating on the breath whilst performing the physical postures.

The class starts with a breathing or meditation exercise and then goes into around 30-40 minutes of physical postures. The phyiscal postures will increase: strength, balance and flexibility. The class then finishes with around 15 minutes of Corpse pose, so that you leave the class feeling relaxed.

60+ Strength and Balance

What is 60+ Strength and Balance?

These classes are ideal for people aged over 60 who are too fit for chair based exercise.

60+ Strength and Balance gives people the opportunity to keep fit and healthy whilst having fun in a group. This class uses specifically researched exercises that are designed for people who are over 60 years of age and looking to; maintain health, stay strong, keep balance, keep a great quality of life and stay connected with friends of a similar age.

The exercises used in these classes are largely based on what I learnt on my Level 4 specialist 'Falls Prevention' exercise course with Later Life Training, however I have made the class more challanging to cater for people aged 60+ who are already active. I have also used some of the concepts that I learnt as a Personal Trainer and aerobics to music which I learnt on my Exercise to Music course.

These classes are designed to fill the need to specifically challenge; strength, balance and coordination as we age. Many feel that just walking is enough, however although walking is possibly the single best exercise, research shows that it alone is not enough to maximise gains in; strength, balance and coordination, which are key components of total health and fitness.

Interval Training


What is Interval Training

Interval Training is a class format that means you exercise for a short period of time, then you have a brief rest before working again. For example 40 seconds of work (or fun) and 20 seconds of recovery and repeat 4 times. This means that when working you are able to work at a higher intensity as the recovery isn't far away.

To help you have fun and get results from these classes some of the most effective and most cutting edge equipment in the fitness industry is used: ViPR, Sandbells, Agility Ladders and Focus Pads. Using this equipment makes it fun as unlike a xtrainer or weight machines it challenges your motor skills; agility, coordination, balance, speed and reaction time.

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