deafPLUS is guided by the following principles.


A world in which all people whether deaf or hearing are able to live and work in harmony together, with the same equality of opportunity available to everyone.


To enable a better quality of life for people who are deaf, focusing on the person rather than the disability.


  • To promote equality of opportunity for all
  • Use of total communication at all times.
  • To be open in our decision making, using consultation to inform our work.
  • To value everyone’s contribution.
  • To work together as one organisation.
  • Working professionally, driven by our charitable ethos


Promoting Independence – Helping deaf and visually impaired people to choose equipment that will help them in their daily routines, and also help keep them safe. Providing information, advocacy and advice that facilitates their full participation in society.

Developing Potential – Supporting clients into employment / their own businesses, and helping those already in employment to further develop their careers and prospects. Providing skills training and volunteering opportunities.

Promoting Wellbeing – Providing social and cultural opportunities to overcome isolation. Providing health workshops and materials.

Promoting Social Change and Understanding – Working to improve awareness of deaf and visually impaired people’s needs. Working with key decision makers to ensure that barriers to the achievement of social and economic potential are dismantled.

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